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Redskins Roster Review: Oline Whos staying and Whos going

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

This is the 1st post in my series of Roster Reviews:

The offensive line is clearly our glaring need as we go full speed into the offseason. It will be interesting to see who stays and who goes considering that all players have had there problems during the season. Feel free to comment and enjoy reading DC sports talk

Derrick Dockery: Stays He was our only consistent Olinemen this season, He will be turning 30, so he still has 3-4 years left, he isnt great but he is consistent.

Casey Rabach: Goes He is a free agent and he is only getting older, he makes to many mistakes, hopefully Redskins can find a young center through free agency or the draft

Edwin WIlliams: Stays the guy is a developmental project, he is a servicable backup, If they cant find anyone, I wouldnt mind signing him to a 1 year vetran minimum contract.

Will Montgomery: GOES!!! How is this guy still in the NFL?????

Paul Fanaika: Stays He is interesting considering the Eagles are good at finding Oline talent, Little is still known about him,  I think he will fight in training camp for a backup spot

Stephon Heyer Stays The guy still has potential I think he will stay and have another year of starting, but next year will be his make or break year

Levi Jones Stays I think he will sign a 1 year contract be a backup and provide some continued mentoring to the young Olinemen, he has been servicable in the playing time that he has recieved this year.

William Robinson Stays He will fight for a backup job in Training Camp

Mike Williams Goes He just dosent have the ability to roll with NFL players anymore, I hope he will get another oppurtunity, just with a different team, He lacks they reaction ability and the footwork to be an NFL olinemen, He was a good story, but its time to get real football players on the team.

Chris Samuels Retire the guy is a true Redskin, he just is to old, I think he is done, Now it will be interesting to see if the Redskins let him return if he wants, but he is now likely to be injury prone, I could only see him staying to be a mentor to a drafted Right/Left tackle.

Randy Thomas: Retire Randy has had bad luck the past 2 years, he is clearly now an injury proned player, we need more stability at the Guard position, we cant have 5 different players starting at 1 position.

Chad Rhinehart Stays hopefully he wont be starting, but he is a servicable backup, he is still a developmental prospect and dow the road could be starting material.

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Step 1 to the Washington Redskins re-building process: what to do with Coaches?

December 30, 2009 1 comment

The Redskins this year have been a team of total collapse, The team is ready for a complete rebuild and the first step to this is to decide what to do with the coaches. This is my opinion of what coach deserves to stay and which coach deserves to be fired.

Jim Zorn(HC)—Fired, the guy would make a solid QB coach but he just isnt what we need in a headcoach, We need more experience and more leadership

Greg Blache(DC)—Fired, He has his moments of smarts but he simply makes to many stupid decisions, he plays our safetys and Cornerbacks at an outragous cusion for the widerecievers, he made the idiotic decision to keep Brian Orackpo at LB instead of his pure talent of DE

Sherman Smith(OC)—Fired, He takes the fall due to his Job Title, he is the Offensive Coordinator, but seriously, does he even call plays?? Sherman Lewis and Zorn seem to handel that.

Sherman Lewis(OC)—Fired, Go back to BINGO

Joe Bugel (OL)—Give the option of Retirement thanks to his years of commitment and success with the Organization, I have a feeling he will accept this, if not Fired,  But I’m putting this a Retired

Stump Mitchell(RB)—Fired, He will leave pretty much with all other staff

Stan Hixon(WR)—Stays, this will help Marco Mitchell, Malcolm Kelly, and Devin Thomas continue their progression with the same coach

Chris Meidt(OA)—Fired, Does he even do anything?

Scott Wachenheim(TE)—Stays, the guy did his job,  Fred Davis is doing great

John Palermo(DL)—Stays, The Dline has produced great pass rush,  just improve against the run

Kirk Olivadotti(LB)—Stays, Guy does his job, the linebackers have been solid each year

Jerry Grey(CB)–Stays, this is just my gut feeling, he will stay

Steve Jackson(S)—Fired, Landry has got worse every year, he needs some new coaching

Danny Smith(ST)—Stays, The special teams is still solid other than the kickers, He is achieving his main job which is to coordinate kickoff coverage

And all the rest (Quality Control/Strength/Condidtioning)—All Fired, Injuries are killing us, it’s there job to help the player to improve durabily and to be able to last throughout the season. The Redskins have been injury bitten all year and its time to move on from these coaches.

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Todays WTF corner: Washington Wizards

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The Washington Wizards suffered another uninspiring loss. The team that underachieves failed again to hold onto a lead. This drops their record to a disappointing 10-20. This is well below the preseason expectations and is obviously disappointing to the fans and the team officials. The team which for years has been known as a poor defensive team proved yet again why they are called that, They couldn’t stop anyone on the OKC Thunder. As Coach Flip Saunders put it in his post game rant

“This team, for the last five years, has been known as the worst defensive teams [in the NBA],” he began after Tuesday’s nasty home loss to the Oklahoma Thunder. “We couldn’t stop anybody out there. We could have taken five guys in this [media] room out here, they would have had a chance. They had 46 uncontested shots. I mean, I’ve never seen that, ever, in a game. That team is playing a lot better, but that’s not the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Los Angeles Lakers or those teams yet.

“I said to you guys before the game, until our guys decide that it hurts when teams score on you, we’ve got no chance. We’re kidding ourselves. We can say we’re two games out of the playoffs or whatever…[but] I didn’t come here to make the playoffs, I came here to try to win a championship. And we need a total mindset change of how we’re going to go about doing that. And until we have that–and that’s from everybody, from staff to players–and everyone’s totally committed to that, we’re gonna have games like this where we’re gonna hang around, hang around, and then when it comes time to make some stops, you don’t have the ability to do it, you’re gonna lose games.

“Whether its lineup change, hey, it’s all up in the air right now. I’m frustrated….I feel bad for the people who came to the game and had to watch, let’s put it like that. Because we’ve got a responsibility, as professional athletes, as entertainers, to go out on the floor and perform at a high level, especially at home, in front of your home fans. Hey, I mean, the last game, Philadelphia at home, we had to take the starting lineup out and put the other guys in to get juiced up.

“So we’ll come back to practice in two days, and spots will be open for whoever it is. If guys don’t like it, that’s fine, but that’s the way it’s gonna be. Because I’m not gonna sit there, stand there and look at that any more. Through 30 games, you evaluate through 30 games where you’re at, and right now, the way it’s going, it ain’t getting done more our zone got us back in the game, then they scored a couple times on zone, guys want to come out of the zone to play man to man. They can’t guard anybody. You know, I think I can go out there on that floor and take anybody on our team one-on-one, 52 years old, and drive right around them….

“We’ve got to wake up. As I told them, don’t ever think it can’t get any worse, because it can. There’s no question, it can.”

Flip makes many valid points, this team needs to toughen up and figure out that there starting jobs aren’t set in stone, its time for the team to hopefully get defensive help at the deadline, its time for the team to as popular term goes “Blow it up” and trade one of the big 3 (preferably Caron Butler) , and its time for us to get a serviceable NBA bench. The Wizards bench got a combined 52 minutes of playing time and only managed to get 8 points, they were a combined 2-18 on shooting which to any NBA team is pathetic. Hopefully when the team “Blows it up” we can get bench help because NBA journeymen like Freddie Oberto, Deshawn Stevenson, and Earl Boykins aren’t gonna lead our team to playoff glory.  Our team is still only 2 games back from the number 8 spot in the playoffs so it’s not like we are out of it, but its time for the Wizards to wake up and go play some ball.


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Welcome to DC sports talk

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DC sports talk was created in December 2009 with the main purpose of un-biased DC sports news from an everyday fan not a paid organizational figure. I am not afraid to tell it like it is, although Im a fan of DC sports teams I will be critical if they deserve it. DC sports talk covers the wide range of DC sports including the Washington Redskins, Washington Nationals, Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, Washington Bayhawks, and the sports of local college teams (Virginia, Virginia Tech, George Mason, and Georgetown) We strive and are proud to update the blog several times a day with up to date postings of all the latest DC sports news so add us to your favorites.