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Step 1 to the Washington Redskins re-building process: what to do with Coaches?

The Redskins this year have been a team of total collapse, The team is ready for a complete rebuild and the first step to this is to decide what to do with the coaches. This is my opinion of what coach deserves to stay and which coach deserves to be fired.

Jim Zorn(HC)—Fired, the guy would make a solid QB coach but he just isnt what we need in a headcoach, We need more experience and more leadership

Greg Blache(DC)—Fired, He has his moments of smarts but he simply makes to many stupid decisions, he plays our safetys and Cornerbacks at an outragous cusion for the widerecievers, he made the idiotic decision to keep Brian Orackpo at LB instead of his pure talent of DE

Sherman Smith(OC)—Fired, He takes the fall due to his Job Title, he is the Offensive Coordinator, but seriously, does he even call plays?? Sherman Lewis and Zorn seem to handel that.

Sherman Lewis(OC)—Fired, Go back to BINGO

Joe Bugel (OL)—Give the option of Retirement thanks to his years of commitment and success with the Organization, I have a feeling he will accept this, if not Fired,  But I’m putting this a Retired

Stump Mitchell(RB)—Fired, He will leave pretty much with all other staff

Stan Hixon(WR)—Stays, this will help Marco Mitchell, Malcolm Kelly, and Devin Thomas continue their progression with the same coach

Chris Meidt(OA)—Fired, Does he even do anything?

Scott Wachenheim(TE)—Stays, the guy did his job,  Fred Davis is doing great

John Palermo(DL)—Stays, The Dline has produced great pass rush,  just improve against the run

Kirk Olivadotti(LB)—Stays, Guy does his job, the linebackers have been solid each year

Jerry Grey(CB)–Stays, this is just my gut feeling, he will stay

Steve Jackson(S)—Fired, Landry has got worse every year, he needs some new coaching

Danny Smith(ST)—Stays, The special teams is still solid other than the kickers, He is achieving his main job which is to coordinate kickoff coverage

And all the rest (Quality Control/Strength/Condidtioning)—All Fired, Injuries are killing us, it’s there job to help the player to improve durabily and to be able to last throughout the season. The Redskins have been injury bitten all year and its time to move on from these coaches.

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  1. January 11, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    Runningbacks coach Stump Mitchell is gone to Southern University

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