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Redskins Roster Review: Oline Whos staying and Whos going

This is the 1st post in my series of Roster Reviews:

The offensive line is clearly our glaring need as we go full speed into the offseason. It will be interesting to see who stays and who goes considering that all players have had there problems during the season. Feel free to comment and enjoy reading DC sports talk

Derrick Dockery: Stays He was our only consistent Olinemen this season, He will be turning 30, so he still has 3-4 years left, he isnt great but he is consistent.

Casey Rabach: Goes He is a free agent and he is only getting older, he makes to many mistakes, hopefully Redskins can find a young center through free agency or the draft

Edwin WIlliams: Stays the guy is a developmental project, he is a servicable backup, If they cant find anyone, I wouldnt mind signing him to a 1 year vetran minimum contract.

Will Montgomery: GOES!!! How is this guy still in the NFL?????

Paul Fanaika: Stays He is interesting considering the Eagles are good at finding Oline talent, Little is still known about him,  I think he will fight in training camp for a backup spot

Stephon Heyer Stays The guy still has potential I think he will stay and have another year of starting, but next year will be his make or break year

Levi Jones Stays I think he will sign a 1 year contract be a backup and provide some continued mentoring to the young Olinemen, he has been servicable in the playing time that he has recieved this year.

William Robinson Stays He will fight for a backup job in Training Camp

Mike Williams Goes He just dosent have the ability to roll with NFL players anymore, I hope he will get another oppurtunity, just with a different team, He lacks they reaction ability and the footwork to be an NFL olinemen, He was a good story, but its time to get real football players on the team.

Chris Samuels Retire the guy is a true Redskin, he just is to old, I think he is done, Now it will be interesting to see if the Redskins let him return if he wants, but he is now likely to be injury prone, I could only see him staying to be a mentor to a drafted Right/Left tackle.

Randy Thomas: Retire Randy has had bad luck the past 2 years, he is clearly now an injury proned player, we need more stability at the Guard position, we cant have 5 different players starting at 1 position.

Chad Rhinehart Stays hopefully he wont be starting, but he is a servicable backup, he is still a developmental prospect and dow the road could be starting material.

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