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Roster Review Part 2: Tightends/Widerecievers Whos staying whos going

The passing game has been a weak point of the Redskins all season which is due to the combination of Jason Campbell faults and the horrid Offensive Line. This is my review of who is going and who is staying from the receiving core.


    Chris Cooley-Staying, there is a slight possibility of him getting traded but it is a great luxury to have 2 threatening tightends, teams will have mismatches covering our tightends, Captain Chaos stays.

    Fred Davis-Staying, Davis is a solid, young, improving tightend and will help cooley produce mismatches to other teams coverage, I will call them the Duo of Chaos.

    Todd Yoder-Goes, He is a solid blocking tightend but the team can easily find a younger and cheaper 3rd tightend in Undrafted Free Agency.


     Santana Moss-Stays, I think Moss has 1 more 1000 yard season left in him, plus he is a great mentor to our young receiving corps

     Devin Thomas-Stays, He showed his potential this season and he could be ready for a breakout season next year

     Malcolm Kelly-Stays, Kelly also showed some improved route running and managed to stay reasonably healthy, He will continue creating mismatches with his height

     Marko Mitchell-Stays, He got his feet wet with a couple of catches this season, he is developmental, and he needs to develop special teams skills to improve his chances to stay with the team

     Antwaan Randel El-Goes, We brought him in for his return ability and his ability for adding a spark to our offense, in his career as a Redskins all he did was be an OK slot receiver, he has completely failed at his supposed best feature punt returning, His Redskins career has amounted to a waste of money

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