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Redskins vs Chargers: they lose to backups

Redskins finished off there train wreck of a season with a miserable loss with them losing in the final 2 minutes of the game to a bunch of backup players,  Billy Volek led the Chargers down field giving the killer blow to the Redskins in the final 50 seconds of the game. This was a game we clearly should have won, but the Redskins had many of those this season, They have yet to capitalize on opportunities, and they seem to always find ways to lose. But there is one good thing that we can see from this game, the miserable season is over, its time to turn the page and bring our franchise out of the ashes and back to the Superbowl.

         The Good: I saw some good things from Jason Campbell who had 281 yards and 2 touchdowns

                               Malcolm Kelly: 5 receptions/109 yards/84 yard long(should have been a touchdown but got tackled)

                               Tackling: I didn’t see the same crappy tackling, I saw actual wrapping up

        The Bad: Fred Smoot and Justin Tryon can’t catch

                              The running game

                              Only 1 sack

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