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SUPRISE: Ok not really, Zorn FIRED

Today 1/4/10 Jim Zorn’s 2 year tender as the Washington Redskins ended. Jim Zorn who compiled a 12-20 record while with the Redskins probably knew that this was coming. There has been speculation ever sense the end of 2008. The Redskins today decided to go into another direction from Zorn who lost his playcalling duties to a bingo caller midseason. The Redskins are now expected to hire Mike Shanahan as head coach, he brings 2 Superbowl titles and a great offensive knowledge. Shanahan brings the experience which Jim Zorn never had, Jim Zorn simply wasnt ready to be a head coach. He makes a great QB coach, which I expect him to find as a  job soon, possibly with the Cleveland Browns under his friend Mike Holmgrem. This is the start to the Redskins rebuilding process and is the turning point to the Redskins making it back to a Superbowl. It is hopefully the end to our franchise being the laughing stock of the NFC east. Its hopefully the end of Daniel Snyder thinking he leads our team and its hopefully the start of us having actual football minds leading the team. This is the so called “Glorious Revolution” of the Washington Redskins, this is the stepping stone of us changing back to our superbowl winning team of the early 1990’s.

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