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Mike Shanahan signs 5 year contract with the Skins

The Redskins as usual got the person they wanted. They signed there coveted new leader Mike Shanahan to a 5 year contract that could make him the highest payed coach in the NFL. Mike Shanahan brings a strong NFL resume including 2 Superbowl titles. This is something the Redskins wanted considering Jim Zorn never had many accolades. Mike Shanahan brings leadership to which will help shape up our media crazed players (cough-Portis-cough) and shape up our divided team. One good thing for Shanahan is he has the fans and players support:

          Clinton Portis “I think it’s a great idea,” “I really think it’s the best direction you can head in. You’re talking about a proven coach, a coach who’s going to come in and get things done, a coach that’s got something to prove. He’s a hell of a coach. I think the players are going to love him, and I think he’s going to bring in the right kind of guys.” I think its safe to say Portis never was a Zorn fan

          London Fletcher “I think it’s great. Being able to add a two-time Super Bowl-winning head coach, it’s phenomenal. He commands respect from the players right away. … He instantly becomes the face of the franchise.”

         Deangelo Hall “I think we needed a guy in here who people are going to respect off of his name alone and Mike Shanahan is that guy,” A jab a Jim Zorns lack of experience

         So far it seems like everyone likes the move. The Redskins have announced a press conference at 2 o clock pm for an “unspecified” announcement, So we will gain extra details on the hire. I will throw up a review post tomorrow. This is the day the Washington Redskins flipped the page and build to win.

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