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Roster Review: LB/S who stays who goes


 London Fletcher-Stays, He is our defensive leader, although he is getting old he is our most consistent player and he has continued to stay healthy, He will be a veteran leader under Shanahan.

 Rocky Mcintosh-Stays, Rocky is a restricted free agent, but I think Redskins give him an extension, Rocky continues to be a solid outside linebacker, he still hasn’t hit his sealing, he still could be a pro bowler.

 HB Blades-Stays, HB Blades is one of our best special teams players and he will continue in that role

 Robert Henson-Stays, he got his feet wet and will fight it out in Training Camp to hopefully be a special teamer

 Curtis Gatewood-Fights it out, Training camp for special teams

 Alvin Bowen-Fights it out, Training camp for special teams

 Darrel Young-Goes, he will lose out, there is already to many special team linebackers, he is probaly the least likely to make it


  Leron Landry-Stays, He still has potential, he just needs to get rid of his tackling flaws and work on double fakes in coverage

  Kareem Moore-Stays, He isn’t starting material but he makes a solid backup/special teamer

  Chris Horton-Stays, He will stay, he will be healthy and hopefully will be back to his rookie form, this will help the whole defense out

  Lendy Holmes-Goes, He will leave because even though he is a safety he was a backup to Fred Smoot a cornerback, He should have gotten the starting  job but he failed to do so, He will make it through Training Camp, he wont make the final team

   Reed Doughty-Stays, Reed had a solid year, He was 1 of the top tacklers on our team, He could be a great backup or a solid starter

Chris Wilson and Brian Orakpo will be featured in my defensive End review

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