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More suspensions handed down by the Washington Wizards

The whirl-wind of a season continued today with the suspension of Andray Blatche. Andray Blatche who has been a productive player off the Wizards bench was suspended for seemingly unknown reasons. But it has been confirmed that Blatche had a small dispute with trainers about his knee after yesterdays 115-110 loss to the Hornets. That dispute is unknown if it’s the cause of the suspension. What sticks out to me is that this isn’t a league given suspension this was handed down by the Washington Wizards front office. This is a suspension to a key bench player that will make the already shorthanded Washington Wizards in more depth need. This must have been a serious offense considering the team never suspended Gilbert Arenas and choose to wait for the league to hand it down. The Wizards must have now taken a no tolerance policy which is good considering our team needs a big attitude check and they need to focus more and block out the distractions. This season just continues to collapse for the Wizards. The only thing to look forward to as a fan is the expected trades coming at the deadline. This picture sums up the Washington Wizards season for fans and players

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