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Retiring like a true Redskins

Today Joe Bugel retired as a true Redskin. Joe Bugel called it a career after 15 years with the organization. Bugel who is beloved by fans and players alike is considered one of the greatest modern offensive line coaches setting careers like Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas, he put together an offensive line with player that would probably not even make another NFL team. He helped a player like Mike Williams get back into the NFL game after being absent from football for 3 years. I only wish Bugel could have gone out on top instead of leaving after a horrible 2009 season where we went 4-12. Bugel leaves a massive hole for Mike Shanahan to fill, DC sports talk will have up to date info on continued coaching news.


Greg Blache followed in Bugel’s footsteps and ended his solid 20 year career as a defensive coordinator. Blache who was critized for his extremly conservative defense had no choice considering Jim Haslett had already signed a deal to be our new Defensive Coordinator. I wish Blache and Bugel luck in there retirement, they deserve a solid beach vocation to Hawaii.

More news coming tomorrow, Including a review on if we should switch to the 3-4 defense, add us to your favorites!

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