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Javaris/Arenas suspended rest of the season

Today the drama of the “Rambo” incident hopefully came to an end. Both the main players involved, Javaris Crittenton and Gilbert Arenas, were suspended the rest of the season due to gun possession in the Verizon Center which is against the law and NBA policy. This was the expected punishment and is the proper way to deal with this issue. It seems that the Wizards wont take much of a hit in play quality because Javaris hasn’t played all season due to injuries and Arenas hasn’t been with the team sense his indefinite suspension. I actually believe this will take away all the off-court distractions because there isn’t much more to speculate about, The players are done for this season. It’s now the responsibility of the organization to close drama down and move on and win games for the Fans of this struggling team.


Ken Wainstein, attorney for Gilbert Arenas, stated today:

Mr. Arenas respects Commissioner Stern’s decision to issue a suspension for the remainder of the season. Mr. Arenas recognizes that his actions were a serious violation of the law and league rules and were detrimental to the NBA and its reputation. He accepts full responsibility for what he did, and takes no issue with the length of the suspension or the process that led to the Commissioner’s decision. It is Mr. Arenas’ hope that this punishment will serve an important purpose, as a strong reminder of the responsibility that he and all NBA players have to set the right example with their conduct on and off the court. As such, Mr. Arenas has asked the Players Association not to challenge the suspension.

Mr. Arenas appreciates the careful and thoughtful handling of this matter by the Commissioner and his staff, and he is grateful for the Commissioner’s willingness to meet with him earlier today.

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