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SuperBowl thoughts

Garret Hartley is the kicker the Redskins need, he made 3 40+ yard field goals all under pressure on the biggest game of his life, hats off to you Garret Hartley

Congrats to Mark Brunell and Chase Daniels on the SB rings

If Sun Life Stadium is a Superbowl stadium then FedEx field could easily be one to, especially with the 2 new 100 foot long video screens

The game didn’t meet expectations in intensity in my thoughts, I was hoping for a shootout the last 5 minutes, we didn’t really get that, but was an overall solid game, just not as good as last years

Redskins missed out hugely when they didn’t get Drew Brees when he was available, we could easily be a playoff team if we had him, less health issues, and our offensive line could stay intact

Congrats to Gregg WIlliams on his ring, I still believe he should have been hired as our Head Coach, he had some great defensive techniques tonight

Russ Grimm made the Hall of Fame!!! I miss the HOG age of the Redskins

The Who was a solid halftime show, I just noticed that one of their songs is the CSI theme song, they were also more appealing to the young audience then I thought they were, the guitar solos were great

Courtney Roby had a great night on special teams

Congrats Saints

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